Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Collingwood 2011!

Well, here we go again! Collingwood in another Grand Final ("Granny"). Though determined not to get 'carried away' by the enormity of their making it to a second consecutive Granny, I can feel the old feelings of anticipation welling up inside me again! No, I REALLY AM trying. But what if they can pull it off again? Last week's knockout against Hawthorn nearly didn't see me make it this far into Grand Final Week (it's Thursday afternoon as I write). To win by three points after a goal to Hawthorn 6 minutes out from the siren that put them 3 points in front was too much for a Magpie, let alone a koala to bear! But we made it. WE MADE IT! Dear Jude had gone to bed. All too much for her - NOT GOOD ENOUGH, DEAR JUDE! So here we are - pregnant with anticipation. Will the Catters run all over us (like last time we met)? Will the Mighty Maggies overcome injuries to key players? Has our beloved Mick Malthouse (coach) been foxing and trying to lull the Catters into a false sense of security? The more I think of it, the more I believe this latter scenario. He's a cagey one, Old Mick. What did it matter that Geelong thrashed us in the last game of the home-and-away season? We stuck with them to quarter time - ample opportunity for Mick to give our players the confidence to know that they could take the Cats IF THEY WANTED TO! Why risk more injury? There's nothing to lose and plenty to gain by taking things easy for the last three quarters and anyway, won't that give Mick a chance to see what plan the Cats might have for dealing with the Magpie Team of Fantastic CHAMPIONS? OOPsies! I think I might just have broken my steely resolve not to get too involved this year. After all, it's only a game. The sun will rise again on Sunday if we don't get over the line, won't it? [Yes, but it will be a really gloomy sun ...]. Still, I can't wait to see the selected team tonight. Ben Reid should be OK, but the big ruckman Darren Jolly is a bit of a worry, though maybe this is all part of the BIG PLAN too ... I'll be watching The Marngrook Footy Show on ABC2 at 7:30 tonight. That's what I'll be doing. Best show on television. There's a rooly good letter in the Age Green Guide last week that recommends watching this one, and I'M GOING TO WATCH IT! GO PIES!

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