Sunday, June 12, 2011

Haute Waldara?

That's the thing, you see, Haute Waldara simply does not exist. Leastsways not in any GoogleMap or street directory. There IS a "Waldara". There IS a "Waldara Drive". That's where we live. Number 50 - 500 meters from the main drag from Wangaratta to Yarrawonga. Our joint is reached along this street beside the golf course up a little rise about half-way along. And that's how ti got its name: "Waldara Upper" or, as the French would have it: "Haute Waldara". So Haute Waldara it is!

The name of this blog is thus: "A View from Haute Waldara". Not THE view from Haute Waldara, as that would presume that all residents of this little space share identical views of the world. I couldn't believe, for example, that Mal and Brenda over the road share my devotion to the performances of the Collingwood Football club, nor that Jack and Joyce Marshall next door love riding on trains through Europe as much as I do. One could NEVER presume either that Dear Jude, who shares the abode at number 50 also shares the same attitude towards neatness in and around the home as I do (Dear Jude is MUCH MORE fastidious than I could ever be!).

So there you have it. Here is the genus of the blog that I have intended to begin for you for a long, long time. This is the VERY FIRST posting. It will not be the last. There will be some rules, and the first is that EVERYONE is a winner in this blog. There will be NO nastiness directed at ANYONE. IF a person believes that he or she is slighted in any way en that person should contact the writer IMMEDIATELY and let him (ie me) know and steps will be taken to have the offensive material removed AT ONCE. IMMEDIATELY - if not, sooner.

The second rule is that the opinions expressed in this blog are mine, and mine alone. They are the views of Graeme Charles Rose, AKA Groombles, Grugs, Groom-Choom, Papa, Paps-the-Dups, G. Charles Rose and "Gr'" (This last is difficult to write, but is best described as the "gr" sound, followed by an "e", or short "er" sound.)

The number of topics to be addressed is innumerable. No subject is off limits. The range of styles to be employed are also cfar too many to mention. There will be pathos, bathos and emotions in between. You will hear echoes of Enid Blyton, Peter Vaughan (my best friend at CSU), John Cleese, Ron Barassi, Judith Leslie Molloy, Miss Buntine (my first ever prep school teacher) and Kim Langfield-Smith (my professor from Monash University). These, and many many more have influenced my thinking and my very being.

That's enough of the introductions! LET THE BLOGGING BEGIN!

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